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Course Offerings

About the Academic Program

The ISYE Summer Program in Asia is sponsored by the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) and the Office of International Education (OIE). This 12-week summer program offers Georgia Tech ISYE students the opportunity to take standard undergraduate industrial engineering courses while exploring some of the most important locations for logistics and manufacturing in the 21st century.

Coursework will be offered for the 12 weeks in Singapore at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The coursework is supplemented with visits to manufacturing/logistics hubs. In addition to taking three ISYE courses, students will study Asian history and have the chance to visit some of the important cultural and historical sites discussed in class. While it is a rigorous academic program, courses are taught four days per week to allow students ample time to journey to surrounding cities/countries during the three-day weekends.

All students enroll in four courses (12 credits), which are taught consecutively, each starting and ending within an intensive 3-week period.  

2022 Course Offerings 

  • Class Block #1: ISYE 3103: Supply Chain Management, Logistics (3hrs)
  • Class Block #2: HTS 2062:  Modern Asia (3 hrs)
  • Class Block #3: ISYE 4803: Special Topics - Financial Data Analysis (3hrs)
  • Class Block #4: ISYE 4803: Special Topics - Decision Analysis & Risk Modeling (3hrs)

Prerequisites include: ISYE 3133 Optimization and ISYE 3232 Stochastics

Additional Instructional Information

  • All courses are taught in English
  • All participants must register for all course, exactly 12 credit hours, no more, no less.
  • Drops and withdrawals are not permitted.
  • Classes are offered on a letter grade basis only.
  • Classes are taught by Georgia Tech and the National University of Singapore.
  • Questions about academic requirements should be addressed to Prof Chen Zhou.